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Former Wealthfront CEO on Innovating Across Disciplines, Building Emotional Connections in Product Design, & Empowering Charitable Giving EP 123

Episode 123 with Adam Nash, CEO of Daffy

Hey Listener,

I’m thrilled to share my latest interview with Adam Nash, the Co-Founder and CEO of Daffy, a fintech company dedicated to making charitable giving more accessible and impactful.

Adam has a full-stack background in managing, designing, and engineering products, having held key roles at companies such as Dropbox, LinkedIn, and eBay and recently as CEO of Wealthfront.


👉 The multidisciplinary approach to innovation in technology he developed in his career where His experiences span notable companies such as Apple, LinkedIn, and Dropbox.

👉 The importance of combining engineering, design, and business insights and how he used his diverse skill set to drive innovation.

👉 Adams career advice: How to be fluid and adapt roles to create impactful solutions.

👉 We get tactical in designing to promote a desired behavior. It’s fun to talk shop with a CEO with excellent design taste.

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Adam’s latest venture

Daffy stands for the Donor Advised Fund for You. It’s a unique platform inspired by the belief that everyone should have a straightforward way to put money aside for charity, much like a 401(k) for retirement.

Daffy is designed to automate the giving process, making it easier for people to commit financial resources to causes they care about.

Highlights include:

💪 Daffy’s mission to help people be more generous by simplifying the giving process

🔥 How their latest launch of Daffy Campaigns campaigns encourages more people to donate.

✌️ How Daffy leverages technology to create a communal space for philanthropy.

Donate $25 to any cause of you choosing using this link

I admire Adam’s passion for helping others. His belief in the power of technology to create positive change was evident throughout our conversation. He offered deep insights into how integrating diverse disciplines can lead to groundbreaking innovations.

Thank you for tuning in, and I hope you find as much value in this conversation as I did.


Caden Damiano

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