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From Tech Strategy to Emotional Engagement, What companies do to Gain Raving Fans, and How to Set up a Tech Stack for Acquisition.

Ep 122 w/ Bryan Farris, Owner of Goldfish Code

Hello listeners!

This episode features Bryan Ferris, Founder & President of Goldfish Code.

This episode explores the intersection of technology, strategy, and the essence of building communities within products.

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Bryan brings a wealth of experience from his tech strategy consulting firm and shares his unique approach to building scalable and engaging products.

In this episode, he credits much of Goldfish’s success with his “motivation-driven design” process, which highlights the importance of aligning user motivations with business goals.

We discussed:

(04:41) Bryan’s background and the genesis of Goldfish Code

(08:11) Insights on the role of a virtual CTO and strategic consulting

(12:01) Building products with a motivation-driven design (15:18) The importance of community in product strategy

(19:47) Effective client relationship management

(24:30) Real-world examples of automation and efficiency improvements

(30:18) Custom builds vs. leveraging existing solutions

(35:45) The evolving role of AI in software development

(41:04) How human needs drive business solutions

Interview Takeaways:

Understanding Motivation-Driven Design

Bryan’s approach focuses on user motivations to drive product development, such as loss avoidance and community belonging.

Using behavioral psychology techniques, Goldfish Code ensures that products meet functional requirements and engage users emotionally.

Community as a Core Element

Bryan believes that effective products foster a sense of community among users.

Whether it’s a FinTech application or an e-commerce platform, building features encouraging users to feel part of a larger group can drive engagement and loyalty.

The Role of a Virtual CTO

A virtual CTO brings strategic insights that can make or break a product. By starting with a minimum viable workflow and iterating based on real user feedback, Bryan’s team helps businesses avoid common pitfalls and build scalable solutions.

Balancing Custom Builds and Existing Tools

Rather than reinventing the wheel, Bryan emphasizes leveraging existing tools and frameworks. This approach not only speeds up development but also allows for more focus on the unique aspects of the product that differentiate it in the market.

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