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Getting good at politics without selling your soul, Why UX isn't a discipline but a competency, Caden's approach to playing and winning the corporate game.

My interview appearance on "Beyond UX Design" podcast

I recently had an awesome discussion with Jeremy Miller, host of “Beyond UX Design,” about strategies for navigating meetings and gaining influence as a designer.

We touched on:

  1. Why corporate meetings are mostly a waste of time, and how to fix your approach to meetings.

  1. Prioritizing which meetings to attend and gaining buy-in for design projects.

  2. I walk through my approach to working with cross-functional partners using an underrated methodology.

  3. Meeting one-on-one with key stakeholders early on to understand their concerns and bring them along on the design journey.

  4. Different working styles and mindsets, from perfectionistic craftspeople to systems thinkers who embrace problem-solving.

Building trust and credibility with stakeholders is crucial, and I highlighted the significance of making people feel understood and involved in the creative process.

I emphasized the importance of competencies like good judgment over specific skills when aiming for higher levels of influence.

Overall, the discussion provides excellent strategies for product people, designers, and creatives looking to protect their time, have a more significant impact, and shape company decisions.

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