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One of the most misunderstood concepts in business, the hard thing about prioritization and how to get better at it with Harry Max -Fractional Executive & Coach. Ep 120

A conversation with the author of "Managing Priorities"

In this episode, I welcome Harry Max, an executive player-coach with experience in product design leadership and COO roles. 

You read that right; Harry has a wide range and can bridge the gap between experienced design leadership and operational excellence.

Harry has led at DreamWorks, Hewlett-Packard, Rackspace, and Apple. 

We dive into the complexities of balancing operations and design, the challenges faced by product leaders, and the political nature of leadership and decision-making.

Harry introduces his highly practical DEGAP framework for prioritization, emphasizing the importance of intentional decision-making and guiding me through the tangible steps involved. 

Finally, we explore how prioritization plays a crucial role in the lives of individual contributors, teams, and organizations. He aims to equip you with practical tools to significantly enhance your decision-making and leadership skills.

20% of Harry Max’s book “Managing Priorities”: mp-twop

You can buy his new book “Managing Priorities” through this link


00:20 The Unique Role of a Fractional Executive

00:58 Bridging Operations and Design: A Dual Competency

03:04 The Challenges of Product Leadership

08:19 The Art of Prioritization in Leadership

08:24 Unpacking the Book on Managing Priorities

15:19 Real-World Prioritization: A Case Study from Rackspace

27:22 The Five Steps of Effective Prioritization

30:30 Unpacking the Prioritization Process

31:01 Exploring Decision-Making Tools and Techniques

35:47 Deep Dive into the D-GAP Methodology

40:18 Applying Prioritization in Personal and Professional Contexts

40:57 Insights on Individual Contributor Prioritization

47:36 Concluding Thoughts on Prioritization and Productivity

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