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The most effective leadership style for ensuring beautiful and practical products

w/ Norma Løvhaugen, Head of Product @ Neat Ep 119


Connect with Norma Løvhaugen on Linkedin.

In this episode, Norma, a veteran in the video conferencing industry with 19 years of experience, shares her journey from starting in Hamburg and Cisco to becoming the Head of Products at Neat in 2020.

She discusses the magic of creating products that facilitate human connection across distances and the collaborative effort it involves, especially the intricate balance between design, technology, and user experience.

Norma emphasizes the importance of design-driven approaches, the complexities behind the simplicity of video conferencing products, and how balancing various considerations like audio quality, compliance, and aesthetics lead to products highly valued by customers.

She highlights the role of psychological safety and trust within teams, facilitating effective cross-functional collaboration, and the impact of directly engaging with customers and sales teams to understand better and meet their needs.

Norma also touches on her reasons for joining Neat, the excitement of working in a startup environment, and the recent launch of Neat's second-generation video conferencing bar, encapsulating her passion for innovation in the industry.

00:00 Welcome and Introduction

00:05 Norma's Journey in the Video Conferencing Industry

01:02 Inside the World of Video Conferencing Tech

04:53 The Magic of Product Development and Design

10:25 Learning from Mistakes: A Product Launch Story

13:11 Building a Culture of Psychological Safety and Trust

18:00 The Power of Inclusive Product Strategy

23:51 Transitioning from Cisco to NEAT: A New Chapter

26:51 Understanding Business Through Product Leadership

28:18 The Role of Design in Product Success

33:07 Collaboration Across Departments: A Key to Success


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